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Opaque Thigh-High Full Foot Stockings (30-40mmHg)

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Opaque Thigh-High Full Foot Stockings (30-40mmHg)

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Our softest compression stocking! Knitted with love and care, these smooth-knit stockings are so soft and inconspicuous you’ll forget you’re wearing them.

Our softest compression stocking! Knitted with love and care, these smooth-knit stockings are so soft and inconspicuous you’ll forget you’re wearing them. The best stocking for everyday wear.

  • Unisex. Extremely soft and elastic for comfort
  • Opaque knit, virtually inconspicuous
  • Beaded silicone border on thigh-high & Knee-high
  • MATERNITY stocking available in closed toe, 2081/2082
  • Machine wash and dry


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Compression Series Juzo Opaque
Compression Size 30-40mmHg
Compression Length Thigh High
Toe Type Closed Toe
Gender Men's And Women's
Manufacturer Juzo
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price $96.49
UPC Code 640095082132, 640095082149, 640095082156, 640095082163, 640095082170, 640095082255, 640095082262, 640095082279, 640095082286, 640095082293, 640095087687, 640095087694, 640095087700, 640095087717, 640095087724

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