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Limited mobility creates an array of obstacles for everyday living, but finding the right wheelchair will help take the challenge out of getting around inside and outside of the house. Shan Medical offers a wide variety of wheelchairs from the top names in customer satisfaction, including Invacare, Quantum, Drive, ROHO, Medline and ROHO wheelchairs. Whether you’re looking for manual wheelchairs for around the home, or power wheelchairs for getting out and about, you’ll find the perfect fit. What’s more, we carry a range of accessories that make wheelchairs more comfortable and versatile, including cushions, back support systems, leg rests and more.

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What are the differences between a power wheelchair and a manual wheelchair, and how do I know which is right for me?

Power wheelchairs don’t need much strength to operate, making them a great fit for the elderly. They also negotiate curbs and road crossings easily – perfect for outdoor use. A downside is that they’re heavy and don’t fit well in cars for transporting. Manual wheelchairs require more strength but are very easy to steer and can negotiate tight turns very well, making them well suited for indoor use around the house and even in stores. They’re also very easy to transport.

How often should I charge my wheelchair battery?

Keeping a charged battery will help it last longer, so charging your wheelchair’s battery as soon as possible after use is recommended. If you use your wheelchair every day, charge it every night. Incomplete charging can weaken the battery, so wait until it’s fully charged before using your wheelchair. If you use your wheelchair less than every day, check and charge the battery weekly to keep it ready to go.

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