Needles and Syringes

Sugery using sharps and needles


Needles and Syringes

Before you buy needles and syringes for your medical needs, it’s important to understand how they work and the proper precautions to take. A syringe is a pump-like device that’s used to inject or remove liquids. The device consists of a tube, which is tapered at one end with a plunger on the opposite end. When you pull the plunger back, suction is created. On the other hand, when you push the plunger forward, it forces the fluid out of the tube. There are various uses for syringes. One use is intravenous, which is into the vein. There’s also intramuscular, which is into the muscle. Intradermal use is for in between the skin layers. Another common use is for hypodermic or subcutaneous injections, which occurs beneath the skin.

Last but not least, it’s critical to practice proper handling and disposal of sharp objects. You should never unwrap a sharp object until you’re ready to use it. Always keep it pointed away from yourself and others. You should never attempt to bend or recap a sharp object. Keep your fingers away from the sharp tip to avoid injury. As for disposal, you should never put your fingers inside the sharps container. All containers should be at eye level and within reach. If you notice a needle sticking out of the container, do not attempt to push it in with your hands. A trained individual can use tongs to push it back into the container. Otherwise, call to have the container removed.

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