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Protective Medical Apparel

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Medical protective apparel is essential not just for healthcare professionals, but also for patients to protect them from germs that lurk in non-sterile clothing. Protective clothing worn during medical procedures is a great way to minimize the risk of injury and the spread of infections and illness. Some of the protective gear includes covers, gowns, masks, helmets, gloves, face shields, goggles and face masks. The type of apparel differs based on the type of safety hazards you may encounter, the type of medical condition being treated, and the required standard safety regulations.

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Featured Protective Medical Equipment

Medical Protective Apparel

Surgical Gowns

Worn by surgeons and others at the operating table over their scrubs to maintain a sterile surgical field for the safety of the patient.

Shoe Covers

Made of lightweight material, disposable and waterproof, they cover the user’s footwear completely to mitigate the risk of spreading germs.

Medical Protective Apparel

Medical Protective Apparel


Worn over the mouth and nose to maintain a sterile environment and prevent medical workers from inhaling contagious organisms in the air.

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